CC Global: Renault Trucks D – D For Distribution Or Delivery

After a trio of rolling jumbos it’s back to basics with three modern Renault 4×2 straight trucks. Quite possibly, the green truck on the left gives you some kind of Déjà Vu experience: the cab, built by Renault in France, is also used by DAF (LF-series), Volvo (FL-series), Kenworth (K270 & K370) and Peterbilt (220 series). Just another form of cab sharing.

This 2015 Renault Trucks D box truck is a prime example of a (city) delivery truck. It has a low and only 210 cm (82.7”) wide day cab, with excellent visibility all around. Note the lower window in the right door, so that the driver can keep an eye on cyclists and pedestrians when turning right.

The light Renault truck (GVM 11,990 kg – 26,433 lbs) is powered by a Volvo based, 5.1 liter inline-four engine, good for 215 DIN-hp. At the rear a Dhollandia -made in Belgium- tailgate platform. The Renault’s payload capacity is 5,610 kg (12,368 lbs).

The dashboard of a Renault Trucks D.

For comparison reasons, here’s the DAF LF. The same cab, as mentioned in the first paragraph, yet not quite the same on the inside.

Things are getting bigger and heavier with a 2017 Renault Trucks D-Wide. The cab’s width is 230 cm (90.6”), hence, D-Wide. This one has a sleeper cab.

The power unit is a Volvo 7.7 liter inline-six with a maximum power output of 286 DIN-hp. The truck’s registered GVM is 19,500 kg (42,990 lbs) with a payload capacity of 9,960 kg (21,958 lbs).

In UK-English, we’re talking about a skip loader or skip truck lorry here.

In this case, without a skip. That’s an open-topped container, to be filled with debris or other waste. The loader body, mounted on the Renault’s frame, is a Hiab Multilift Futura.

Here’s how it works, the hydraulic telehoists can put the skip/container on and off the truck and can place it wherever you want. Like in your own driveway, while doing a house renovation.

The skip loader can also be used as a dump truck. Which speaks for itself, at some point the container has to be emptied…

The fully automatic VBK load covering system.

The last one, a 2015 Renault Trucks D-Wide with a sleeper cab and a raised roof. GVM 19,000 kg (41,888 lbs), payload capacity 10,895 kg (24,019 lbs). Just like the orange skip loader, it’s powered by the 7.7 liter engine, yet with 326 DIN-hp.

The truck is carrying a flatbed swap body with curtain sides, which can stand on its own legs (there are four of them, one at each corner of the bed).

And just like the green box truck, it has a Dhollandia tailgate platform. There’s a trailer coupling too, right above the platform. The legal maximum towing capacity is 21,300 kg (46,958 lbs).

The interior of a Renault Trucks D-Wide.

The 4×2 straight truck, the oldest and most common form of trucking, all over the globe. The ordinary workhorses without bragging rights, yet so indispensable.