CC Global: The Ford F-Max 4×2 Tractor – Turkish Built Ford Tough

First Ford F-Max Netherlands

Loetoning is the first Dutch hauling company that has put a Ford F-Max to work, the tractor was registered just recently. It has been more than 35 years since the last new, genuine Big Ford got a registration in my country. So welcome back!

Ford Transcontinental 4435 6x2 tractor

The Ford F-Max is the one and only successor to the venerable 1975 – 1984 Ford Transcontinental. A dedicated long-distance cabover tractor, with a 2.50 m (98.4”) wide, high-rise sleeper cab. And with ample power from a big turbodiesel.

A mid-size truck/tractor model with a sleeper cab, like the Ford Cargo of yore, isn’t a dedicated long-distance runner. Regardless engine power and GVM-rating, the cab is simply way too narrow and low.

Ford F-Max - 1

The F-Max was unveiled at the 2018 IAA exhibition in Hannover, Germany. Shortly after, it was awarded the 2019 (European) Truck of the Year.

Ford’s current top tractor model was developed by Ford Otosan from Turkey, a 50:50 joint venture between the Ford Motor Company and the Turkish Koç Holding. Ford Otosan has a long history of building a wide range of commercial vehicles, in all size and weight segments.

Ford F-Max - 2

The cab design is clearly “Swedish inspired”. Never mind, it certainly blends in really well with the contemporary offerings from Volvo, Scania, DAF, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Renault and Iveco. The establishment, so to speak.

Ford F-Max dash

Ford F-Max interior

Clean, roomy and fully up-to-date. There’s no gear stick intruding into the cab, as the transmission is a ZF TraXon 12-speed automatic. For the time being that is, I’ve read that Ford Otosan is working on an in-house transmission.

Ford F-Max Ecotorq 12.7 liter

You certainly won’t find this under the hood of an F-750 SD Diesel Tractor. The F-Max is powered by an inline-six, 12.7 liter Ford Ecotorq turbodiesel with 500 DIN-hp. Naturally, the engine meets the latest European emission standards.

On behalf of Ford Otosan, TIP Trailer Services takes care of the after-sales support, warranty and full maintenance included. You can’t just roll your F-Max into the workshop of the local Ford dealership (even if it would fit), they have no experience whatsoever with anything bigger than a Transit. On top of that, there’s also the organization of a European wide, 24/7 roadside assistance circus.

Ford F-Max - 3

More information about the Ford F-Max can be found right here, included a technical data sheet.

I guess all we have to do now is wait for a comprehensive Jim Klein review of Ford’s heaviest-duty model, with some magnificent scenery in and around Istanbul as the cherry on the cake.