In-Motion Classics: Clearing Out The One-sies And Two-sies Of 2020

Several of my colleagues here regularly post their one-off shots once they accumulate a certain number of them, I imagine the process as being very cathartic and perhaps relieving an imaginary burden as the (self-imposed) pressure to write about our encounters does tend to build up.  Looking back through last year I realized I’ve shot a couple of hundred cars, way more than I have time to ever write up, but the bulk have been stationary with a full set of pictures should the mood, opportunity, and time ever strike to share them here.  However, this is the perfect opportunity to clear out the accumulation of shots that really only have one or perhaps two shots, usually while in motion or stopped at a light with a few encountered on foot.

So without any further ado, let’s get this show on the road, I already feel my burden lifting off me!

Buick LeSabre T-Type

January started off in fine form with this Buick LeSabre T-Type, of which I used to own an example of.  They are still seen occasionally but rarely in good condition anymore.  This one looks quite good in white.

Corvette C4

In February we got inundated with snow, I happened to pull up next to this one down near Idaho Springs and was already getting out to shoot some pictures of a test car.  Corvettes are not really uncommon here, however usually they don’t get parked under a blanket of snow and the C4 generation is starting to get a bit thin on the ground.

C4 Corvette

If it was white it’d probably just be lost until late spring.

1985 Dodge D100

A couple of days later back at home the weather had improved quite a bit and this fella was at the Pro Parking section of Lowe’s.  His much newer cousin is right next to him, too bad you can’t currently spec a RAM with a red interior (well, besides the Rebel which offers more of a reddish trim/garnish version, not the whole bordello theme pack such as back in the day).

1985 Dodge D100

The icicles seem to be weighing him down a bit.  I know at least one author here who would be all over this one.

Jaguar S-Type Limo

This belongs in the “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” file.  Of course this area was also home to the Land Rover Discovery Limo so it must be something in the water, but the painfully straight lines of a limousine do not do a curvy shape such as a Jaguar S-Type any justice whatsoever.

Nissan Rogue Art Car

Jackson Pollock apparently drives a Nissan Rogue and shops at Wal-Mart.  Or someone was very bored and inspired.  I will say the masking job was superb, there was no extraneous splatter anywhere.

Corvette C4

Okay, so this is the second C4 Corvette, this one at the beginning of March.  This is the last one that I can recall seeing all year long though.  As junky as these are inside, the shape is starting to come into its own for me, just fairly clean and unadorned.

Suzuki Samurai

It was good to see a daily driver Suzuki Samurai with what I think is an aftermarket hardtop.  Still on the standard wheels, these tend to get hacked up to run the trails around here.

Ford Pickup

This seems to be the year that the old pickup genre has gotten super popular.  If you can’t swing a new one, then an older and more interesting one that you can find is the other option.  Bonus points for the orange color on this Ford loaded with a bunch of trash, likely heading for the landfill.

Pontiac Sunbird Convertible

This was a surprising sight back in March, although Eric703 also managed to catch a Sunbird Convertible in this same red later in the year as well and did a stellar job writing it up.

1984 Honda Accord Hatchback

This 1984/1985 Honda Accord Hatchback was spotted down in north Denver, the (crooked) dealer tag is from my local Fort Collins dealer from when it was new.  The temp plate indicates it just changed hands again.  I see more of these in the junkyard than on the street, although either instance is a rarity.

Mazda Miata NA

April brought this lovely (NA) Mazda Miata in red.  It looks like it was being driven home from being purchased, the law here lets you purchase a private party car and drive it home or directly to the DMV to get it titled.  You don’t get to drive around for any amount of time without at least a temporary plate.  The top looks brand new and the wheels are from the second generation (NB) Miata.  The paint was exemplary, the red on these tends to fade a bit.

NA Mazda Miata

I got a second bite of the apple a few miles down the road when he exited in the same place I did.  The front badge indicates that this is at least a 1993 model.  I miss mine, everyone should own one, what a great experience.

Nissan 280Z

I was on my front lawn when this Nissan Z-car (280Z?) drove past.  I haven’t seen it before nor since.  I don’t think these have a bad angle.  Except for the 2+2, where all the angles are bad.


This VW DoKa (DoppelKabine), DoubleCab for non-German speakers, was caught running around in my town at the beginning of May.  It’s a Syncro, has a full rack over the top and bed, yellow headlights with protectors and the license plate isn’t from a country I recognize offhand.  It’s “174-URZ” and I can’t make out the EU country in the blue field.  Of course the plate could be a fake plate and the numerals could be what the Colorado issue plate reads on the back.  Either way, it looks ex-military(-ish).

Corvette Stingray C3

Later that same day I came across these two guys in a Corvette Stingray Convertible (C3) apparently having a ball of a time.  The ‘Vette was loud, brash, and looked fantastic, these, especially the earlier ones, are starting to hit all of my buttons.

Chevrolet Impala

The day then turned into a trifecta day with this Impala passing me later in the afternoon.  Later in the year I realized he lives down the street from me.  The car is usually spotless but driven regularly.

Mercury Comet

I’m not really a fan of the Ford Maverick or the Mercury Comet, but this Comet (a ’75?) looked splendid in this key lime pie color while waiting to make a left turn.  It’s sporting historic plates so the owner clearly takes care of it.

Mercedes 280S

Later in June this Mercedes S-class appeared up ahead, of course in the oh-so-’70’s copper brown color.  These too are just getting better with age when well-preserved.  Let’s see if we can get closer.

Mercedes 280S

Well, we did but too close to get a good picture.  It is a 280S though and likely a gray market import with those hubcaps.  Stately would be the best way to describe its acceleration.  The license plate is of a newer series so likely a newer owner.

In late June I was up in Laramie, WY, and came across this on the main street.

It was loud and the guys seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Not in the best of condition, but seemed to be running just fine, not an everyday sight, that’s for sure, even up in Laramie.

These twin Barracudas are in the back of a junkyard, I’ve tried a few times to get good enough angles to take a good set of photos and have failed every time due to all of the other stuff in the way.

Still, it’s not often one sees two of them side by side so this is the perfect time to give them some time here.  They aren’t going anywhere, but are in no danger of being crushed either, not in this yard.

And yes, that is a Marlin behind them.  Someone had a thing for fastbacks, it seems.  I think I like the Marlin the best actually although that trunk seems horrifically impractical to use.  How is this any better than the slots on many modern sedans?

1990 Audi Coupe

Back in my own neighborhood on a walk in July, this very rare 1990-1991 Audi Coupe Quattro was parked a few streets away.  Finished in pearl white but with an Audi rally-inspired accent motif (the shape and style is correct but not the blue color, it should be brown), these still look good to me with the front being the part that dates it the most.

1990 Audi Coupe Quattro

I used to own one in Tornado Red, there were only 1730 in total ever brought to the US back then, priced at a whopping $30k (almost twice that amount today, for 164hp).  All wheel drive but with a normally aspirated 20V 5-cylinder, these are popularly upgraded with the full turbo package from an S4 or S6.  Europe of course got an S2 version with all the go-fast goodies already baked in.  From this angle it still looks quite contemporary.

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