CC Global: Trailerized Lister Blackstone Marine Diesel – Towed By An Agricultural Ford Diesel

This monster of an inline-six turbodiesel was eagerly stomping on the ground as if there were no tomorrow. An overland, working classic marine diesel, under a bright blue sky. I wasn’t expecting this, to say the least, when I walked by a collection of old farm tractors. It made an idling Lanz Bulldog sound like a diesel powered food processor.

A Lister Blackstone ER6M marine diesel engine from Dursley, England. Maximum power output 337 hp @ 750 rpm.

Lister Blackstone was formed in 1936, when R.A. Lister & Co. Ltd. acquired Blackstone & Co. Ltd. The company was best known for their generators, marine engines and railway locomotive engines.

This might as well be the skyline of some chemical plant.

A Pegson-Marlow production.

Turbocharger by Napier.

The towing vehicle is an all-wheel drive Ford 7710 Gen 1 with a turbocharged 4.4 liter four-cylinder. This series of Ford farm tractors was introduced in 1982.

Surely an old Ford(son) tractor must have towed a Lister Blackstone before?