Email Overload? Sorry, We’ll Try To Get To That Soon. As Well As Fixing the Revenge of the 503 Error

I’ve (obviously) never used our email notification system, but apparently a fair number of you do, and never visit the site directly. Because I did notice that a number of regular commenters suddenly disappeared late last year some time. And now they’re back, but commenting from stories posted in December 2017. And a number of them have written me to please stop the barrage of all those backed-up email notifications that have suddenly started bombarding them, as in hundreds of them.

I’m not sure exactly what the problem is, but I do know an easy fix: just visit the site directly! Like the rest of us!

OK, that’s probably not a realistic solution if you’ve become accustomed to only responding to notifications from the sites you follow. So we’ll try and fix that, just as soon as we find somebody who can.

And Dave Saunders, who got us past most of the 503 Error issues, has been apprised of the return of that problem, oddly only for random periods of time before it goes away. Like last night, at 8PM. And a milder version the  previous night, at 8PM. Hmm; there’s a pattern there.

I beg your forbearance on our tech issues. It’s painful, especially for those of us trying to write a post in the back. I couldn’t finish the CC I had planned on for this morning. Oh well.