CC Global: Unpacking After Arrival

unloading van with trailer

This whole scene brought back memories to my school holidays job, a long time ago. Unpacking and unloading everything, needed for the job that working day. The action scene was always next to a poultry house under construction, somewhere in the Netherlands.

Just like in the picture, we drove to the site in a mid-size cargo van with a tandem axle flatbed trailer. And our van, an utterly tough Mercedes-Benz TN/T1, also had wooden shelving units (peek inside, the door hatch is open). Yet another similarity: large and/or long items were loaded on the trailer.

The short list of items, neatly stored in the van’s cargo compartment back then: hand- and power tools, nuts ‘n bolts, clips, pop rivets (everything orderly arranged, naturally), extension cords, cord reels, ropes, an air compressor, air hoses and a dustpan & brush. That about tie-wraps it up. Which we also had with us.