CC Global: Volvo FH16 10×4 Tractor And Nooteboom Low Loader – Letting The Cat Out

Here’s the third and last of the Volvo-Nooteboom couples, which seems to be a perfect marriage in the world of heavy haulage. The Schoones company brought their fairly new 2017 combination to the show, a 750 hp Volvo FH16 10×4 tractor with a Nooteboom Euro-83-04 low loader.

Currently, this is the most powerful and heaviest on-highway tractor that money can buy. It’s powered by Volvo’s 16.1 liter inline-6 engine, originally introduced in 1987. Thanks to its multiple steering axles (the first, second and fifth axle), the white & blue mastodon is still highly maneuverable.

With Volvo’s I-Shift automatic transmission and crawler gears, the truck maker guarantees that driving away from a standstill position with a GVM up to 325 metric tons (716,500 lbs) goes flawlessly.

The only serious alternatives to a Volvo FH16 in this line of business come from Scania, Mercedes-Benz and MAN. Almost all independent specialized manufacturers, like FTF, are long gone.

A custom-built, stainless steel storage cabinet, how nice. Certainly not available at your local IKEA store. De Sjouwert, it says at the top. That’s one hard-working guy! (and tractor).

A cab with a standard (low) roof is quite special these days in this top segment of Euro-trucking. Most Volvo FH-series trucks and tractors have a tall Globetrotter cab, or an even taller Globetrotter XL cab.

The Nooteboom low loader is rated at a maximum GVM of 83,000 kg, with a payload capacity of 58,650 kg (183,000 and 129,300 lbs respectively).

Trailer and semi-trailer manufacturer Nooteboom uses SAF -like here- or BPW axles. The small sticker on the left says that the recommended tire pressure is 9.5 bar (138 psi). Don’t try this at home!

And here’s another venerable sjouwert, a Caterpillar D8N crawler tractor, usually equipped with a big dozer blade at the front.

The D8N was introduced in 1987, it was replaced by the D8R in 1996. Ed, our man in the field, can tell you everything you want to know about this Big Yellow Machine. Or is he hauling hay as we speak?

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