CC Standup: A Carburetor Walks Into a Bar…

A carburetor walks into a bar, hops up on a stool, says “Gimme a beer and a shot of whiskey!”, and proceeds to put a shaft, a lever, a plate, and a bimetallic spring on the bar. The bartender says, “What is this? Some kind of choke?”

(Thanks! Thank you! I’m in town all week. Try the chicken!)

Every day there are fewer and fewer people who’d get this joke, so I’m glad it sprang to mind while the risk of having to duck thrown objects for it is still high enough to be worthwhile. I’m not the only one, either; the redoubtable Tex Avery was known to drop a stink bomb like this every now and then.

How ’bout you, got any jokes that will pass into obscurity as old-car knowledge dies off?