QOTD/Housekeeping: Do You Click On CC’s Images To Enlarge Them? Here’s a Note To All Our Contributors On Making Sure They Will Do So

I ask this because I encounter posts here from time to time where I click on the image (like this one on Sunday) to get a closer look at some detail, and it doesn’t pop up to full size. And sometimes there’s no gray border, or the image is not centered. There’s a technical reason for that, which I’ll get into after the jump. Am I the only one who clicks on images?

Here’s the same image that can’t be enlarged. What’s the difference? Well, it’s all in the Writer’s Guide, but since we seem to have a steady infusion lately of new contributors and I keep running into non-enlarging images, let me refresh you on the details to make sure they do.

When you upload an image, before you insert it into the post, check these two settings. If either of these settings in the Attachment Display settings (in the yellow and red highlighted boxes) are set at None, then the result is an image that will not be properly centered, and more importantly, will not pop up when clicked on, because it’s not linked to the full sized image in the Media Library.

This is how those two settings should look. And here’s the key thing: If you set these on the first image you upload/inset, then the system should remember that, and they will become the default settings for you going forward. And you never have to worry again about whether your images will pop up. or me sending you an email about them.

Sorry to bore all of you readers about this, but it’s the best way to get this to all our many contributors. Please check your posts, and if your images don’t pop up, you can go back in and fix them, or just make the proper settings going forward. Thanks.

I for one do like to click on images every so often. Do you?