CC Kids #2: 1968 Datsun 1600 (510)

Kids Adam 2

(Adam Browne’s second Kids CC post.)  Me (on the roof) with my brother and sister (and Juno the dog) washing the family Datsun in August 1970, near Vancouver.

It was a 1968 Datsun 1600 (the 510 badge wasn’t used in Canada for another couple of years) which replaced our previous Morris Minor convertible. I actually remember going to pick it up from the dealer and being very impressed that the reversing lights actually worked. Hey, I was six years old and we’d only had old cars until that point.

The area where we lived was countryside at that time and only just starting to become suburbia. We had a long driveway at the end of a gravel road, and since I was crazy about cars from infancy, my father taught me to drive when I was 10. Until we moved away a few years later, I’d always drive the gravel part of any journey.

For a couple of years it was our only car, so it carried our family of five plus the Newfoundland dog in the picture. You’ve never lived until you’re in the back seat with your face in the flank of a large dog who’s having a wonderful day because she’s been swimming in the lake and now gets to hang her head out of the window.

Unfortunately, this was the first year of production and there were problems – it rusted quickly, the fuel filter kept clogging, etc – so in 1973 it was traded in on my father’s prized Rover 2000TC.