Cohort Sighting: 1968 Plymouth Fury Convertible – Where’d You Get Those Rims?

Plymouth 1968 Fury conv side

There’s little doubt that “steelies” are becoming more popular again (and have been for some time). I hope that’s not a bias from being a steelie guy myself, but cars like this ’68 Fury convertible tend to reinforce the point. So the question is, are these aftermarket wheels, or from some other car that fit?

Plymouth 1968 Fury conv rim

Here’s a closer look. I’m guessing aftermarket. But I’m pretty clueless about that sort of thing. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the rest of this big rag top.

Plymouth 1968 Fury conv rq

Prolific Cohort poster William Rubano gets credit for this one.

Plymouth 1968 Fury conv fq