CC Kids: Kip And The Jeepster, His First Drive

Kip and Jeepster

(Our series “CC Kids” didn’t ever officially end; we just ran out of submissions. This one is from our old friend Kip. If you have childhood pictures of yourself with a car, send it to us via the Submissions form or to curbsideclassic(at)

I was seven when these picture were taken. I think my mom had just sold the Jeep station wagon and gotten the Jeepster.

It was fun to ride in, especially with the top down, but it was strange compared to other people’s cars and a little embarrassing. It had thin doors and plastic side curtains that lifted off instead of windows that rolled down. For winter, there was a heater on the passenger side under the dashboard. There was a space behind the rear seat that was big enough to lie down in but it never got warm back there. In third gear, it shifted again (into overdrive) if you took your foot off the pedal.

Kip and Jeepster b

I learned to drive in the Jeepster in our driveway when I was about twelve. It developed engine problems, so my mom sold it and got a Ford station wagon, second-hand; three seats, a normal car, finally. Before long, though, I felt nostalgic about the Jeepster. When I see one now, which is hardly ever, I love it.

Kip and Jeep wagon

This was shot two years earlier, with the Jeep Wagon and my younger brother and sister.

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