CC Outtake: Unexpected Engine Swaps

1962 Ford Falcon rear

I recently attended a mid-winter indoor car show that featured two cars with very non-traditional engine swaps. The first one is this little 1962 Ford Falcon two door. The partially exposed fuel cell gives an indication that something other than the stock inline six powers it. Take a guess before hitting the jump but I suspect few will get it.

1962 Ford Falcon 1

That sure doesn’t look like any classic Detroit sourced lump …

1962 Ford Falcon RB20 engine

A closer look reveals a Nissan RB20DET inline six engine. Decoding the Nissan nomenclature we get RB engine family, 2.0L displacement, dual over head cams, electronically fuel injected and single turbocharger. This engine would originally been at home in a Cefiro, Laurel or R32 generation Skyline. In stock form it would have developed 212hp but given this engine’s popularity with the tuner set I suspect this example makes a decent bit more than that now.

1962 Ford Falcon interior

Looks reasonably stock in here given the radical engine transplant. A little splash of orange, column mounted tachometer and a sign that says “Warning – The car vehicle is BOOSTED” are the most obvious clues. A hat tip to the builder for retaining the bench seat and stock gauges.

1962 Ford Falcon sign

The owner is probably not a member of Green Peace with this sticker and exhaust side exit. The most amazing feature on this conversion was the retention of the skinny steel rims and stock size rubber. It must be a challenge to get all that power down to the pavement.

1991 Nissan Skyline

In order to bring the automotive world back into balance perhaps we should check out this four door 1991 Nissan Skyline. It has also had its engine plucked and replaced. This time we go the other way with a Japanese chassis and American motivation.

1991 Nissan Skyline engine

Inside the spacious engine compartment we find a General Motors LS series V8 engine with a turbocharger strapped on. There was no mention of horsepower on this one but it is undoubtedly quite stout.

1991 Nissan Skyline interior

The Skyline’s interior is a little less subtle than the Falcon with a removable steering wheel, additional gauges and an aftermarket shifter.

1991 Nissan Skyline rear

The Skyline is, however, more generously endowed with rubber making it easier to hookup all those Chevy horses. Which do you prefer?