CC Kids: Matt Frederick and 1960 Dodge Dart – Sorry About That, Dad

Kids Matt-tricycle-Dodge 300dpi

This picture was taken in 1963 or 1964 in Philadelphia. I remember our old Dodge well; the round lights and fins in the back, the ridiculously busy grille in front. However, over the years I’ve never been sure whether it was a Dart, Polara, Monaco… maybe some of you can help me pin it down. It now appears to me to be a Dart, as the leading edge of the right rear fin (I think) would be visible if it was one of the true full-size models. However, it seems that the Dart side trim had a scallop on the rear door that is missing here (The base Seneca didn’t, and this is what this appears to be-Ed)

 I remember well the moment this picture was taken, even though I was only three or four. For some reason, I was dressed in a bow tie and jacket. I must have thought this would be a good outfit in which to cruise the neighborhood for chicks. But after a fruitless ride it was time to put my wheels away. As I pushed the trike down the driveway, I scrapped the door of the Dodge with the handlebar. I knew my dad would kill me if he saw the black scuff, and sure enough he immediately stormed out the front door. But instead of yelling at me, he snapped this picture. I gotta admit I look kinda cute, if frightened.