CC Outtake: VW Rabbit – A Lowered Diesel Rabbit?

CC 211 006 925

Diesel Rabbits (Golf Mk1) are an institution here, a classic Eugene-mobile. We’ve done a number of write-ups on them here, like this one by “Canucknucklehead”. I even showed one pulling a trailer of broken concrete, with all of its 52 hp but plenty of torque. But I’ve never come across a lowered one, as they all seem to be in the hands of the kinds of folks who are more into biodiesel than into lowered cars. But here it is…

CC 211 008 925

Or at least it says it’s a Diesel. I suppose it could have had an engine change.

CC 211 007 925

Except for waiting to hear it run, there’s no easy way to tell. I could have stuck my finger in the exhaust to see if it came out black, I suppose. And look, there’s a VW bus in the street down the block. Welcome to Wolfsburg, Oregon.