CC Kids: “Paulie Waulie” With His First Crush ’49 Ford and More Recent Photoshops

Kids PB

Was amused to find this photo- 1950 or ’51.  I was totally queer for cars even then. I remember rolling my car into a sewer pipe and being unable to retrieve it. My first car mishap!

We’ve featured some of paulvaranasi’s Photoshop work on these pages over the years. I first met Paul B. when I moved back to Iowa City in 1971. Among other interests, we shared a passion for cars, but not quite in the usual sense. It was an aesthetic/artistic one, and with a quirky twist, as neither of us had actual cars at the time. Paul is an artist (among other things), and he opened my eyes to the possibilities of seeing and manipulating car images in ways that I had only seen under the influence of drugs or in dreams. In the pre-Photoshop era, that wasn’t quite so easy (scissors and glue) . And now that Paul has moved into the digital world, the results are a bit more convincing, and I’ll show you some of his recent work here. 

PB 2c 001 800

Before we do that, here’s what he did back in 1972. I remember going to the GM dealerships in the fall of 1972, picking up these brochures with him, and being especially excited about the new Colonnades. We rushed home and started cutting and gluing.

PB Cadillac wagon 1960

Here’s a more recent meditation on a 1960 Cadillac station wagon.

PB 1962 Plymouth

A rather improved 1962 Plymouth.

PB Buick leSabre 1960

1960 Buick LeSabre.

Paul Brown Buick not stock

In two versions.

For more of Paul’s automotive imaginings, head to his site.