CC Kids: Yes Officer, He Does Look A Bit Young For His Age

Kids PRNDL in 68a

(by PRNDL, driving his namesake car in 1968)

Here I am in ’68 getting ready for my driver’s test – well, not quite yet.

This white with red interior 1963 Impala Sport Coupe ignited my Chevy gene and serves as the inspiration for my handle, PRNDL. This was a 327 Turbo Fire with Powerglide. Does anyone else remember that cool PG whine at idle?

Kids PRNDL in 68b

Dad had this one from 1966 until the summer of ’70 when it was t-boned on the passenger side by a ’68 Impala wagon. Luckily, my shotgun-riding oldest brother (not the one in the 2nd pic) escaped unscathed, even though the passenger quarter panel & window folded quite neatly into the rear seat.

I recall shopping for body supplies at the local NAPA store with mydad a couple of years before the accident. It’s amazing what a can of Martin Senour putty, some primer, a few cans of rattle can Ermine white plus a chunk of 2×4 for backup can do to hide bite marks from the tin worm.



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