Curbside Outtake: 1951 Hudson Hornet – Down, But Not Out

Some CCs exist more in their owner’s dreams and aspirations than they do in real life. When I run across a car like this Hudson Hornet, I, too, can see the potential – and if I mentally squint hard enough, that rusty and oxidized paint suddenly shimmers with a gloss so deep you could reach your hand right into it…

Cars like this (or like the semi-load of DeSotos I saw earlier this year) appear briefly and then are gone, leaving us to wonder whether they will live again, or got broken up for parts so another car can live.

I’m guessing (based on the 1979 plates) that this car was a “barn find,” and hopefully there’s enough “there” there to make it worthwhile restoring.

What a stately and beautiful vehicle; so many delightful details that are still pleasing to the eye despite the weary appearance of the car.

Hudson Motor Car Company may not be around any more, but perhaps, one day, this Hornet will fly again!

Hudson Hornet CC here