CC Kids: Al S. Pushing the ’56 Nash

CC reader Al S. sent me this picture he and his mom found going through old pictures, of him and this car, taken in 1957 or so. He was wondering what kind of car it was. Why, it’s a 1956 Nash Statesman. And it gives me an opportunity to do another “CC Kids” post that was a regular here some years back.

Here’s a shot of another one, in case some of you are wondering what the whole thing looked like. These Nashes from this era were rather odd ducks, what with their narrow-set headlights and bath-tubby styling. As a kid, they were not common, and always got me to take a closer look.  It’s possible I saw the one that Al was pushing, as he’s from Iowa.

If you have pictures of yourself as a kid with a car, send them in to me at curbsideclassic(at)