CC Kids: Down On The Farm

There I am, “operating” grandpa’s tractor in 1960.  A few years later I would be doing actual work. The setting is an apple and pear orchard on US 50 about half way between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. We visited the grandparents around Easter, when there was snow on the ground, and late Summer, at the start of harvest season. As a city kid, I enjoyed doing chores around the farm with grandpa.

Here is a better shot of the tractor with my dad sitting next to me.  This is not your typical Farmall high wheel model, because fruit trees are a different type of agriculture than rows of corn or soybeans. You can see the trailer attached, that was used to haul crates of just picked fruit. When the disk cultivator was attached, you had to maneuver under the branches and this relatively short model was good for that, and it could turn “on a dime”.  Some google searching reveals that this is an IH model T-20 “crawler”. It had a four cylinder gasoline engine with a magneto and crank start, as you can see.

With the current downtime I was digging around in dad’s boxes of photos and fired up the scanner. Expect more posts in the near future.