CC Miniatures: When Is A Hudson Not A Hudson?

1948 Hudson? Buick?


In the early 1950s, my spinster aunt bought some toys to keep me amused during family get-togethers  at her home. Among the toys in the toy box were a collection of small cars (about 3.5”(89 mm) long) whose overall shapes resemble a ’48 Hudson, yet whose emblems look like those of contemporary Buicks. These cars are a small but important part of my toy car collection.

’48 Hudson in Red


Apart from form and color, what made these little dime-store tin cars attractive was a feature that could be activated by moving the car along a floor or table top: The red and blue sedans have side windows that raise and lower.




Poking through the hood of the ambulance is a bell that moves back and forth as it rings.


Fire Chief


The Fire Chief’s car does the same, but with a different paint scheme.


The fire chief’s car does the same thing but the paint scheme is different.


If the Fire Chief’s monochromatic car is a bit sedate for your taste, why not try a red-and-white variant? This one does the same thing-ding, ding, ding.


Cop Car


In the Police Chief’s car, a gun protruding from the windshield moves back and forth while the car makes rat-a-tat noises. Straight from Dragnet.

Checker Taxi?


The taxi cab has a “meter” in the windshield that revolves as the fare is rung up. 55 cents?

NYC Taxi


There’s even a taxi in New York livery that predates the city mandate for all cabs to be painted taxi cab yellow.

Sedan with Windshield Wipers


Lastly, there is another sedan whose windshield wipers move. As you can see, the wipers are made of sharp metal that can damage the painted windshield.

These cars are nearly mint, with minimal paint loss and scratches. Similar Argo cars in far poorer condition than mine can be found on eBay, and the asking prices are painful. These cars are part of a collection that I never will sell. Too many memories.