Curbside Evening News: Eugene Driver Warned About Towing Big Boat Attached To Trunk Of Small Car

One of my themes here at CC has been to document large trailers being pulled by small cars, or at least seeming to be. It must be a Eugen thing, as this is what greeted me this morning in a local news website after being gone a few days: a local driver was given a warning by the police after he was seen driving this rig on the streets. It’s a good sized boat being towed by a Kia/Hyundai sedan. And the tongue of the trailer is somehow attached to the inside of the trunk.

I see in this shot that there’s some tires/wheels being used to support the tongue. It appears that the driver is bending over into the trunk to address something. Maybe the zip ties that were used to attach it needed some reinforcement?

FWIW, I’m familiar with this boat, having seen it several times parked on the street at a city-organized homeless encampment. It had a For Sale sign on it, asking $12,000. And according to this report, the boat is the home of the driver/owner.

Or at least it was.  It appears that the owner has taken the car and trailer and left the boat and some detritus behind.  Hopefully things work out for him somehow.