Curbside Newsstand: Trailer Safety Chains Keep Truck From Plunging Off Bridge Into Deep Gorge

This caught my attention on the local news yesterday: a pickup towing a trailer wiped out or crashed on I-84 right over the Malad Gorge in Western Idaho. That left it dangling off the side of the bridge, attached only by the trailer safety chains, which are of course there not exactly for this purpose. The occupants must have had quite the intense wait, staring down into the gorge until rescuers were able to reach them and bring them to safety.

No indication was given what caused the crash, but that is a pretty long trailer, and if it wasn’t balanced properly, it may well have fishtailed, which can cause total loss of control. But it may have been something else.In any case, I’m pretty impressed how the safety chains lived up to their name.