CC Outake: A Somewhat More Modest Homebuilt RV

When the owner of the 1953 Ford with the Mopar slant six under the hood showed me around his back yard collection of vehicles, it was not surprising that on of them would be a home built RV. I didn’t really take a closer look at it, and just grabbed a couple of quick shots of it, but Robert did mention that it sat on a Pontiac chassis, and that he built the rest himself. Frankly, this is more likely to be something from the pages of Popular Mechanix than the complex FWD RV a few posts earlier.

Yes, it would have been easier to just buy an old bread van or school bus to convert, but that’s not what drives certain folks. A big part of it is visualizing it in the first place, and designing it to one’s unique set of specifications. That’s where the real creativity lies. The trick is to bring it to fruition. Now if I can just get that house I designed built…and it’s fairly modest too.