CC Outtake: 1978 Jeep Gladiator 10-4 – How Many Are Left?

The seventies had a number of creative and innovative design trends in addition to Brougham half-vinyl tops and stand up grilles. One of the more colorful ones was the lavish use of vinyl appliques, especially striping in multi-hues on pickups and vans. They’re hard to come by anymore, but one just has to keep the eyes open and be ready for…10-4. I did not know this CB radio craze-inspired scheme existed, on a Jeep Gladiator no less. Did anyone else? For all I know, this is the last one in the world. Let’s step back and take in the whole picture:

There it is. And never mind that dirt tracker back there; we’ll take that in another time. But it has a surprising connection to the Gladiator.

Even though I just discovered the 10-4 side of this Gladiator the other day, it’s been there prominently on a popular walking route, but one we usually take from the other direction. Here’s why I missed it before:

This rare 10-4 has been in this lot for a long time, and the shady north side has sprouted a nice coat of lichens, obscuring that brilliant yellow number. I need to change my walking routines more often; God knows what else I’ve missed.