CC Outtake: 1949 GMC 150 3/4 Ton Truck – Organic Redneck Veggie Hauler

CC 210 130 925

Since we have a large and productive garden, we rarely make it down to the Farmer’s Market downtown. But we were in the neighborhood and Stephanie wanted to check on some fall starts, so we dropped by. No luck on the starts, but there was this very handsome GMC Advanced Design truck, so it wasn’t totally wasted. These are my favorite trucks of all time, especially so the GMC versions with their bigger and stronger sixes (compared to the Chevy versions). And since we’ve been a bit rough on GM lately, let’s acknowledge that the Advance Design trucks have already earned our GM’s Greatest Hits designation.

CC 210 132 925

I haven’t heard of this particular farm before, but I like their choice of truck, as well as their name and logo.

CC 210 133 925

This truck has had a nice restoration. Like that upholstery; looks tough and vintage, although I don’t think it’s historically correct. Or how would I know, since they all inevitably have that Indian-blanket seat cover.  Very nice.

I’m not exactly sure of the year of this truck, since the changes were minimal. The standard engine in these is the 228 CID GMC six, but the larger members of the same family make a great upgrade. The 270 and 302 inch versions are highly desirable, real torque monsters.

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