CC Outtake: 1957 LaDawri Conquest – I Can Build My Own Corvette

I don’t do car shows very much, because of all the people. No, I’m not that misanthropic. It’s just that they’re always in the way for taking pictures. And its too hot; I’d rather be in the woods taking a dip. And they’re not at the curb. But we did drop in Sunday for a quick perusal of the Cottage Grove Concours (no, it ain’t Pebble Beach), and I’ll share a few finds, like this LaDawri Conquest. Yes, the fifties were the golden era of fiberglass dreams incarnated.

The Conquest isn’t exactly the most original design, but in some respects it comes off decently for an amateurish job.

Looks like this is a fair-weather California mobile, with no provision for a top of any sort.

Here’s the details. No mention of whether this was intended as a one-off, or there were hopes of some production. Given what a hard time the Corvette had in its early years making sales targets, I assume that must have blunted any hopes for production.