CC Outtake: 1962 Cutlark or Skylass, or possibly even a Skypest

CC 220 095 1200

The wood and yard recycling facility is busy these days, after all the downed trees from the recent ice storm, ours included. When this fine little 1962 Skylark pulled in with a trailer full, I whipped out my camera. A bit too fast, because if I’d stopped to really take in what I was shooting, I might actually know what it is, or started out life as.

CC 220 096 1200

I realized it was a mild custom, and the beneficiary of some bigger wheels and disc brakes. Something else slightly nagged at me, towards its rear, but I didn’t put my finger on it at the time, more intent on making sure it was centered in my view finder.

Buick 1962 Skylark Conv

When I opened the pictures at home, I realized what it was: that’s no Skylark; except for the front clip. The lttle Buick Y-Body had a distinctive rear-quarter treatment, with a larger and squared-off wheel opening.

Oldsmobile 1961 Cutlass 1st generation 1961-1963 (1962 F-85 cabriolet 2d) (01) [BA1]

That down-ward sloping Character line and wheel opening belonged to the Olds Cutlass (and F-85), but it’s obvious that both of them used the same exact door. So the obvious conclusion is that the car I saw is a Cutlass with a skylark front end. So Skylass it is, since the Skylark is on the front. But wait:

Pontiac 1962 tempest-lemans-convertible-photo-274722-s-1280x782

The Pontiac Tempest/LeMans used the Cutlass’ body, with a different front end. So it could theoretically be the little Pontiac with the Buick front end, a Skypest or SkyMans.

CC 220 098 1200

And since I didn’t take the variables in and walk over to check out its rear end, I’ll never know for sure.