CC Outtake: 1963.5 Falcon Futura Sports Coupe – The Un-Sprint

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(first posted 7/9/2013)     So this is what I stopped to shoot the other day, before I got distracted by the ’65 Ranger F-250. When I first spotted it, I thought it might well be the Sprint, which became collectible a very long time ago. Why? It was the first V8-powered compact from Detroit, and a rather appealing one at that.

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Admittedly, Studebaker had the 1963.5 Falcon beat way back in 1959, offering a choice of six or V8 in its Lark. But the Stude V8 was a heavy old-school affair, and as tough and lovable as it was, it wasn’t the ideal mill for a compact. But Ford’s brand-new thin-wall ultra-compact Windsor V8 certainly was, first appearing in 1962 in the Fairlane. With the success of the sporty Corvair Monza, it made all the sense in the world to plop it in the Falcon too, and one wonders why it took so long.

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Undoubtedly to grace the new semi-fastback hardtop roof style that appeared in the Spring of 1963, along with a similar one on the Galaxy and XL. The Sprint came standard with the 164 hp 260 CID two-barrel version, but it was also optional on other Falcons. That explains the 260 V8 badge on that non-fastback roof coupe in the background.

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This isn’t a Sprint, just the Futura Sports coupe. And a six, I have to assume, since the 260 V8 badge is missing. Of course, whether it’s still a six is another matter, as this lot seems to enjoy messing with our heads. But one would assume that if a V8 had been transplanted, it would most likely have dual exhausts, although the Sprint didn’t. I’d like to think it has a nicely warmed-over six and a four speed stick backing it up. As well as some other wheels.