CC Outtake: 1963 Dart GT – Six Carb Leaning Tower of Power

CC 124 295 1200

Unlike the same owner’s ’53 Ford, there’s no mystery as to what’s under the hood of this Dart. But it’s an impressive sight, nevertheless.

CC 124 319 1200

Without further ado, let’s see it. Six Mikuni carbs, feeding a 225 inch (3.7 L) slant six, that’s also got a high performance cam and a bit of head work.

CC 124 318 1200

And of course some tube headers; in this case it appears they aren’t home-made.

CC 124 312 800

This one is also backed by a Torqueflite. Owner Robert uses this mostly for fun (racing), but it’s quite amenable to street driving too.

CC 124 304 800

This was a couple of years ago, so I’ve forgotten what it pulls in the quarter mile, but I’m sure it scoots right along. It certainly made nice sounds when he pulled out front for me. Few things can beat the bark of a hot big six.

CC 124 307 1200

6 Pac To Go, quickly.