CC Outtake: 1965 Ford Custom Two Door – Let’s Keep The Two Door Sedan Love Coming

CC 250 062 1200

(first posted 6/28/2015)    I’m on a two-door sedan jag, so let’s see how long we can keep the party going. This isn’t the first ’65 Custom two door I’ve found; the other one was white and written up here. It was also a bit less…sinister; or just not so dusty.

CC 250 056 1200

This one’s sitting in front of a truck junkyard and sales lot, so it might well be for sale, if someone was so inclined. Its thick layer of dust and road grime from Hwy 99 suggest it’s not moved in a while.

CC 250 060 1200

Looking into the interior tends to confirm that. The column gear selector for its automatic is missing, but I don’t see a floor shift conversion either. An anti-theft deterrent? And those seats are hardly stock; the original was the classic bare-bones bench. Fold down armrests? Not for the skinflints that bought these.

CC 250 058 1200

The rear seat looks original, except for the upholstery. This car looks like someone’s project that stalled out, but it wouldn’t take much to whip it into decent shape.

CC 250 063 1200

I’m not a huge fan of these boxy ’65 Fords that were trying to catch the ’63 Pontiac magic, but in a bare-bones two door sedan like this, it’s rather appealing. As is that gold patina. Original 1965-typical “Medium Gold” or something like that coming through? I could see my father buying this as a replacement for the ’62 Fairlane; at least that had four doors.

CC 250 055 1200

The more I looked at it, the more I was attracted…and repelled, simultaneously. Maybe my feelings would have been more firmly in the first camp if it hadn’t been 95 degrees out; the idea of driving a black sedan in that temperature was  a bit off-putting, says the guy who then got into his ’66 F100 and drove over to the lumber yard next door. It least it’s yellow.