CC Outtake: 1966 Cadillac Four Door Convertible – Burnt Woodstock Taxi

CC 237 081 1200

Eugene, the place where cars and their owners never really get old. It’s due to our miracle healing rains, a proven anti-oxidant equally effective on steel as well as brain cells. The results are everywhere on the streets and sidewalks, but rarely so fully concentrated as on this eternally-young Caddy and its driver. Especially since they are so fully exposed to it.

CC 237 071 1200

I was running an errand late Halloween afternoon when I first saw it. I pulled into a parking lot, hoping to get a good shot. They peeled off just as I hit the trigger, and I knew it wasn’t going to be good. So I gave chase.

CC 237 074 1200

That turned out to be something from a Keystone Cops movie, as they kept pulling over, then crossing all the lanes of the one-way, several times, and then ducked down an alley. At one point I thought I’d lost them when I saw them pull into the the street behind me! The Merry Tricksters.

I did eventually find them, parked here as one of the trio was heading into the house there. The driver, wearing a colorful hat, was grinning, and more than happy to pose for me.

CC 237 075 1200

He explained that Burnt Woodstock was a music festival he had created. Trying to capitalize on two big festival names?

CC 237 076 1200

So I walked around his sliced-top Caddy, taking in the colors.

CC 237 077 1200

Speaking of colors, he managed to park right across the street from some very colorful characters, sitting conveniently next to the White Bird Free Medical Clinic and Emergency Hotline.  One of them was singing/howling very colorful things. Let’s just say some folks handle drugs better than others.

CC 237 079 1200

The big Caddy has managed to retain some of its dignity, especially from the front.

CC 237 084 1200

The scars of its radical craniectomy are in full evidence.

CC 237 080 1200

The errand I headed out for turned out to be a bust, but running into this more than made up for it. Smiling is good medicine, and I got my dose yesterday afternoon.