CC Outtake: 1968 Ford Mustang – Already a Curbside Classic in 1982


I took this photo in 1982, when I was 15. I’ve always kept an eagle eye out for old cars!

Even in 1982, this car was a Curbside Classic. It’s not that first-generation Mustangs were uncommon – it’s that most of the ones still rolling were beaters. It was rare, at least in South Bend, Indiana, where I grew up, to find one in solid shape. Because this one is missing its Mustang badge and aft side reflector, I’d wager that it sported a recent paint job. Someone was giving this car some proper love.

And when was the last time you saw a first-gen Mustang with a vinyl roof? Since 99.8% of remaining Mustangs have been resto-modded into bulging mighty he-man power machines, it’s easy to forget that they could come dressed this way.