CC Outtake: 1968 Plymouth Valiant Signet – The Drug Runner

I was just leaving the pharmacy with my MoviPrep for a night of pleasure, when this ’68 Valiant pulled up. I’ve seen this car around forever, with a quite-elderly couple in it, and have been trying to get a good set of shots for ages. So here it is, and what do I do? I take three quick shots from a distance and drive off, instead of approaching them and asking them how long they’ve owned the Signet (I’ll bet since it was new). Blame it on not having eaten anything all day.

And I have a particular obsession with this car too, right down to the optional wheel covers…when’s the last time anyone saw those, on a DD Valiant? I remember a few hours spent with a 1967 Valiant brochure, mentally speccing a very similar one with those optional “mag style” wheel covers, the four-barrel 273 V8, four speed stick and disc brakes.

No V8 burble here; just the familiar slightly-metallic idle of a slant six. Oh well. But they obviously made a good choice in 1968 for a long-term keeper. Next time I see them, with some food in my stomach, I’ll ask them to confirm that.