CC Outtake: 1969 VW Beetle – VW Dubs

CC 230 024 1200

There’s still a healthy number of Beetles in front-line duty here; in fact the number continues to surprise me, as it seems to be going up, not down. This one caught my eye, because…well, I could see my twenty year-old self driving it. It’s got some very purposeful wider wheels, but they’re still sporting authentic hub caps. There’s just a bit of suspension lift so that tackling fire roads and mild Jeep trails would be a bit less worrying. Its got a jaunty attitude, ready to take on any adventure, even if only with one exhaust tip. And it’s showing some honest wear and tear. My kind of VW indeed.

CC 230 026 1200

Just need to ditch that silly bra. I’ve pegged this a ’69, because it obviously has the double-jointed rear suspension, given the lack of any camber change. And the ’70 had additional louvers on the rear engine lid. But this front bumper with its integrated turn signal isn’t stock, and the stock turn signal in the fenders have disappeared. Minor quibble if not quite to my liking.

CC 230 025 1200

That mild rear suspension lift gives it just a bit of rake. I once called the ’66 VW 1300 the best of the bunch, but I should have said “sportiest”, given it’s rev-happier engine and tight gearing. So which is the best year for the Beetle? Now that’s a hard one to answer.

A request to you VW fans: I’m looking for someone with a pre-1971 VW Beetle Owner’s Manual. I would just need a scan of one page. Let me know if you can provide that.