CC Capsule: 1970 Dodge Double Cab Pickup, 2012 GMC Single Cab Pickup – Role Reversal

CC 238 023 1200

This is a shot I’ve been hoping to take for a long time. How many times have we seen (or shown) little old single cab pickups next to a great big giant high-riding MegaCab 4×4? How about the reverse? Well, the old Dodge isn’t exactly 4×4 or jacked up, and only has a short bed, but double cab pickups of this vintage were never common then, much less so now. And in front of it is an increasingly rare sight too, an almost new single cab short bed pickup. Two pickup rarities, in a role reversal.

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Here’s the frontal view. Who would have thought that seeing a short-short new pickup would become semi-noteworthy? They’ve been pretty uncommon since quite a while now. There was a bit of a revival with the step-side type shorties in the 70s, as a fad. And I wonder if these short bed trucks are still popular on the Navajo Reservation? When we drove through there back in the eighties, short Chevy pickups seemed to be the overwhelming vehicle of choice, often with four abreast on the bench seat. Probably not anymore.

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Based on the grille, this is either a ’70 or ’71, which was the last year of this generation. Now some of you may dispute my claim that this was the first regular production double cab from the Big Three (in 1962), since one can find double cab Fords and Chevies from this era too, but they were not really “regular production” items. As best as I know, the Ford and Chevies were built either off the regular line, or even  by an outside firm. The Dodge was built right along with the regular cab, and was shown in the brochures and ads. Surprisingly, I can’t find a single Dodge pickup brochure of this vintage on line. Uh oh; you’ll just have to take my word on it, despite my slipping memory.

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This one has turned into an OG. My A100 van was always an ODGE.

Dodge 1969 Power_Wagon_w200_Crew_Cab_D200

In 1963 or 1964, some neighbors down the block bought one of these, but it was 4×4 with the full size bed, and a giant slide-in cab-over camper, very much like this one. They took off for the whole summer, to tour the West. I was jealous as hell, not to be seeing the world from that penthouse. Another Not-Niedermeyermobile.

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Back then, that double cab Dodge looked enormous, and it was the only pickup anywhere in our neighborhood; in today’s world, this truck doesn’t look the slightest bit big. The world really must be getting smaller.


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