CC Outtake: 1972 Volvo 1800E – Souped-Down Sports Car

8-30 and 8-31-2013 050 (800x543)

It has been a while since I’ve done a Volvo on CC. Kind of embarrasing, since I’ve never owned anything but a Volvo (well, until very recently; more on that later). While in Iowa City back in August, I saw this bright yellow 1800E sitting in a driveway, and had to pull over.

8-30 and 8-31-2013 049 (800x533)

It is in fine shape, and looks to be well-loved. This one happens to be a rare ’72 model, as identified by the slotted wheels with chrome lug nuts and small center cap. The 1970-71 had blacked-out five spoke wheels, but in ’72, both the coupe and new ES wagon gained these wheels, plus the black plastic grille with vertical bars. It was the last year for the coupe, as the 1800ES soldiered on for 1973, the last year any 1800 of any stripe was offered.

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Quite scarce here in the heartland, so seeing this one was nice! For further information, CCs on the 1800E and ES can be found here and here. With the recent demise of both the C30 and C70, will be ever see another sporty two-door Volvo?

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