Cohort Sighting: The Elusive Grand Am Caught In Traffic

Pontiac Grand Am f2

Tatras have been found on the street, but the near-mythical Pontiac Grand Am has thus far eluded the Curbside Classic sleuths. I haven’t seen one in ages, and none of the rest of the gang has yet to encounter one. But prolific Cohort poster William Rubano has, and we can’t let it go by without proper recognition. Well, that would really require a full-on CC, but there’s just not enough of this elusive bird caught to quite justify that today. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time…

Pontiac Grand Am f

Now if I had been Mr. Rubano, I would have pulled one of my notorious U-turns and chased down this rare bird. I’m not second guessing; just saying. And when someone does catch up with one, and gets a full set of shots, I will give it the treatment it so deserves. In the meantime, we’ll have to content ourselves with Tatras and such.