CC Outtake: 1973 Toyota Celica ST – Welcome To The Neighborhood

CC 243 160 1200

In our obsessive walking, I notice whenever there’s a change of interesting cars in the neighborhood; or anywhere in this whole side of town, actually. So I perked up when I saw this vintage Celica appear some blocks from our house: welcome to the ‘hood!

CC 243 166 1200

I love the front end on these; such utterly pure Japanese design, in the decade when the Japanese designers were really coming into their own after their 60s fling with hired Italian designers. The result was obviously a bit uneven, but even the worst of them have eye-catching details.

CC 243 165 1200

The other great detail is this cabin exhaust vent; or I assume it’s actually functional. Either way, what a fine casting during a time when you would not find something like this on an American low-end car. Even the luxury makes were ditching big metal castings at the time for plastic moldings of all shapes and sizes. There’s a great future in plastics! Think about it. Will you think about it?

CC 243 164 1200

Well, the plastics on the interior certainly haven’t held up all that well. But then this Celica has probbaly clicked off some serious miles over the decades.

CC 243 162 1200

If I had to guess, it would be that the legendary 2.0 18-R SOHC four would start up readily enough. The 90 hp it made sounds modest in today’s world, but then these skinny little coupes weighed all of 2200 lbs.

CC 243 163 1200

Just needs a bit of air…hopefully. I’d like to encounter it on the street next time.

I did a more in depth CC on the gen1 Celica here: CC 1974 Celica ST Coupe – Betting On The Wrong Pony