CC Outtake: 1974 Chevrolet Nova – What Are You Doing Here With German Plates?

CC 206 117 925

In my travels around town, I keep an eye out for anything of interest. That includes driveways and parking lots, and side streets; one of these days I’m going to rear end someone because of it. I almost decided to pass this Nova up, because, well…this sort of thing isn’t my bag, baby. But then I noticed the license plate. Whoa! Someone might well have rear-ended me when I stopped suddenly.

CC 206 118 925

I’ve never run across a car here in town with European plates on it, but this is the last car I would ever imagine having them. A beater hot-rod Nova; the kind that Billy would take to the races, and somewhere other than Eugene. And Germany, for that matter. I know there’s been a pretty active hot-rod scene in Germany since way back, augmented by endless rotations of American service men with free shipping. But something this sloppy?

OK, clue me in somebody; US military posted overseas that bring their cars don’t have to get them licensed locally, do they? I can’t exactly see this one passing the difficult TÜV inspection. Hmmm….

CC 206 120 925

It’s obviously been modified to take to the races, although that was apparently a few decades ago. Well, I’m open to and and all theories, so bring them on.

CC 206 119 925

Between the flat front tires and the jacked-up rear end, it’s sure sitting nice and level.