CC Outtake: 1976 Toyota Pickup – Another CC Moves Into One Of My Rentals

CC 228 075 1200

No, it’s not a requirement to own a CC in order to rent one of my houses. In Dannelle’s case, I didn’t even know ahead of time. But it was moving-in day, so I dropped by and was pleasantly surprised. Her ’76 Toyota is currently the oldest car any of my tenants drive, and I approve, especially in that mustard color. Almost matches the house.

CC 228 077 1200

No, it wasn’t pressed into serious moving duty though; a relative’s great big Chevy did that; makes quite the contrast.  Toyota trucks of this vintage are still quite common in Eugene; I should post my collection of all the ones I’ve shot over the years.

CC 228 076 1200

When I told Dannelle that I was taking pictures of her truck to post at CC, a popular blog about old cars, her face brightened a bit and she asked “can I call and ask you for help if I have a mechanical problem?”  Umm; probably not. If there’s something wrong with the house, yes; but not on the truck. I keep busy enough with keeping a dozen old houses running. Unless it’s an easy one…it won’t be the first time.

CC 228 079 1200

Her Toyota should feel right at home with the other ones in front of my others houses I have there, starting right next door. There’s also a ’92 Corolla, and an old Escort. CC Cottages; that’s what I should name them.