CC Outtake: 1977 Chevrolet Vega – With A Genuine Vintage Vega Girl Aboard

(first posted 9/13/2012. A follow up to yesterday’s Vega Girls post)     I always keep the camera at hand (except when I don’t). You just never know when…you might look in the rear view mirror and see a Vega behind you in traffic. Am I surprised? Yes and no. I’ve shot a couple (CC here), but they weren’t actually on the road, which makes this one a first. But that’s just the beginning, folks. Not only have I a caught an authentic daily-driver Vega on the street, but there was a genuine Vega Girl aboard! In case you missed it, please read up on the magical powers of the Vega to attract hot young things. But I have to warn you; that was in the mid-seventies. Nevertheless, someone has managed to hang on to at least one of the many Vega Girls that once undoubtedly jammed into his PM-yellow hatchback.

There she is, The last remaining Vega Girl in the world. And she was so obliging, posing for me and enjoying the attention I was bestowing on her.

It just leaves the question: which Vega Girl was she (in the mid seventies?). One of these?

No; I’d say more likely it was:

This one. Too bad about the other two getting away, but for the long haul, a Vega hatchback really only makes sense for two.

Especially if you’re going to use the back for such tame and domestic uses like hauling a lawn chair. You go, Vega Girl!