CC Outtake: 1978 Buick Electra Limited – The Modern-Day Joads Arrive In Eugene

My job is to try to provide context for what I find on the streets, but sometimes that does get a bit challenging. What am I supposed to make of this? And on the official CC car, no less.

And, no, this stuff isn’t all just sitting there, although the beer and the bin obviously didn’t make the trip there. But there’s a bike carrier strapped to the trunk in an unorthodox fashion, and some of the baggage seems to have ridden there to.

The interior seems to be given over to bedding and such.  The back seat would mike a pretty decent bed.

Mighty fine looking ’78 Electra Limited. I was a bit suspicious of the wire wheel covers, but they are stock indeed. The “Safety-Soft” tinted rear window “glass” was an option, though.

Good thing families are smaller than when the Joads made the trek across the silver screen in their Hudson Super Six.