CC Outtake: 1978 Ford F250

I came across this most excellent specimen of 1970’s Ford engineering recently and had to share it.  I won’t regale you with all the details of Ford trucks of the 70’s as I assume many of you are quite familiar with them. They are still nearly ubiquitous on our roads here in the US.

What makes this one particularly desirable in my eyes is the drive train set up. It is the fairly rare combination of four wheel drive, three quarter ton, 300 six cylinder engine, and four speed transmission.  And in mostly original, nice shape.

Anybody who has driven a similar truck equipped with a 390 will know that the 300 six is far more thrifty on fuel. It was no powerhouse but it provided good usable low end torque for its mileage figures, was highly reliable, and dead simple.

The retired owners travel from campground  to campground across Oregon working as camp hosts, and they value this old truck’s thriftiness.

What better eye candy than unadulterated old truck porn?

Looks like it’s had a new manifold added recently

1976-1978 trucks had the headlight surround shaped like the 1979 with square lights but with a round light in them. And 1978 got the 79′ style egg crate plastic grill as well.

Dual fuel tanks too! The tailgate might not be original.

All in all a good truck  for “honey-do’s”, hauling sod, hunting, and general work.  Doing simple truck jobs like that in today’s giant complex trucks costs more than I have the money for. Once you factor in the price of diesel to fuel, your 700 ft lb torque-monster, the payments and the insurance on that $40,000 rig, you might find the cost of several trips could have bought this whole truck.