CC Capsule: VW Diesel Pickup (Caddy) Camper – The Veggie-Bago

The urge to hit the road is increasing in direct proportion to the days getting noticeably shorter, and it appears I’m not the only one. We’ll be off as soon as I finish my current project, but in the meantime we can use our imagination. Like imagining all the places this rather unique VW pickup/Caddy-based camper has taken its owners in the 418k miles it’s racked up. OK, that’s not on the original engine, but still an impressive amount of traveling. And with that diesel, the scenery didn’t exactly go by any too quickly. But they’ve saved a lot on fuel bills over all that distance, like about $91k, compared to our Dodge Chinook.

That assumes 35 mpg for the VW, and 11 mpg for our Dodge. Good thing we’re not quite as ambitious in our travels. Our ’77 still has only 125k miles on it.

We’re long overdue for a proper VW pickup/Caddy CC, but this isn’t it, just yet. Instead, we’ll marvel at this rather tidy little camper conversion. It’s the only one like this I remember ever seeing, and obviously a professional one.

Ironically, I shot this on one of the coldest winter days we’ve had here in years, and I got that mileage from the owner, who was just leaving in another car. He also told me it’s on the third engine, not surprisingly. That’s hardly unreasonable, given the mileage and weight the little mill is hauling. But what I really forgot was to find out where the door to the rear compartment is. It seems odd that it isn’t in the rear. It would take some doing to cut it into the other side, but that’s what I’m left to assume, since I didn’t have the presence of mind to walk around to see for myself.