CC For Sale: 1963 Corvair Monza Coupe “Project” – $1950 – “Needs someone who has more time to take it the rest of the way”

Here I was just telling Ed that I hardly ever troll Craigslist. But as you know, a ’63 white Monza was my first car, although it was the four door sedan. So when I did open CL and almost instantly saw this, I had to take a closer look. Hmm, looks pretty decent from the outside…


But then I took a look inside. Uh oh. And that’s just starting with the front seat upholstery.


The seller did say: Has some floorboard spots that need some minor rust repair, but overall body is very nice and solid. Well, I guess everything is relative, and to some of you Rust Belters, this might look pretty good. Actually, those floors are more solid than the ones in my poor old truck, which are getting mighty porous, and breezy. And a full set of original wheel covers!

That stump of a shifter looks a bit disconcerting, and it’s shedding some sort of white flakes. Well, at least it’s a manual, and not a PG, but it doesn’t say if it’s the undesirable three-speed or the four speed. What it does have is the quite common Spyder instrument cluster (and glove box lid) swap. Every Spyder that ever ended up in the junkyard almost instantly gave up its very desirable round gauge cluster. Not surprisingly, the boost gauge is gone, as it’s a bit useless without a turbo. Maybe use it as a barometer?


Here’s the pancake six, sporting non-original blue paint on its cooling shroud. That’s not making it look any more attractive. Nor does the seller’s disclosure on it: Engine turns over. But that is as far as I have messed with it. I’m not feeling a lot of motivation to mess with it either. How about you? Of course, it might just purr like a kitten…


Needs someone who has more time to take it the rest of the way. And that’s not going to be me. Of course, given the shape it’s in maybe a creative drive train swap might be the way to go? How about a transverse 4.9 V8/transaxle out of a Cadillac? Or even one of the better-running Buick V6s? Or? That would improve the weight distribution, never mind the get up and go.

I generally prefer originality, but with something like this, I wouldn’t wag any fingers at a bit of creativity.

Is the ’67 Barracuda for sale?

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