CC Outtake: 1980 Olds Cutlass Supreme – America’s Former Sweetheart

CC 204 022 1200

The deep green Oregon woods and a vintage daily driver car: what a fine combo. Maybe the woods aren’t on everyone’s list of favorites, but the Cutlass sure was during its long reign at or near of the top of the sales stats. We haven’t seen a Cutlass Supreme coupe on these pages in ages; once America’s sweetheart, always a CC favorite. Seeing how deserving it was, we covered every generation of Cutlass in our epic CC Complete Cutlass Chronicles. But let’s take a quick look at this one, and at a typical Olds dealer’s lot during the Cutlass’ reign.

Olds dealer 1977

This shot from aldenjewel’s photostream shows a typical Olds dealership in the late Seventies; Colonnade Cutlasses as far as the eye can see.

CC 204 023 800

This downsized example does sport some aftermarket wheels, but is otherwise original and shows signs of still being in front-line service, along with several others hereabout. The full CC for this generation is here.

CC 204 024 800

I’m not exactly sure what this connotes. A Martial Arts method?

CC 204 020 800

Initially, its iconic waterfall grille was shared with the Chrysler Imperial/New Yorker in the mid-’70s before becoming the Cutlass’ calling card. Almost a million ’78 and ’79 Cutlass coupes were sold in those two years alone, when Americans’ love affair with the formal coupe was reaching its zenith. But who wants to have the same sweetheart for too long?