CC Outtake: 1980s Chevrolet Triple-Axle Van

CC 115 078 925

(first posted 11/11/2013)    This is one of my favorite street-side finds. I’ve seen pictures of these tag-axle vans, but never in person. And I bet that took a bit of doing, cutting up two vans and welding them together. Somewhat oddly, this obviously started out as a short-wheelbase (110″) van, before getting its extension. It’s probably not much longer than the 155″ extra-long wheelbase version that Chevy added to this line in 1990. But not nearly as cool.

CC 115 079 925

Of course, only the second (middle) axle is driven, which I can imagine could lead to some rather awkward moments, like if one happens to drive up (or back up) a very steep ramp, and the middle axle starts hanging in the air. Ok, that’s pretty hypothetical. And how about making tight turns; a bit of axle scrub, perhaps?

CC 131 117 925

I did catch up with it again in a parking lot, where it had pulled into a space. That gave me a chance to determine the affect of a tight-ish turn on the rear wheels. The rear-most wheel’s camber is clearly being affected some.

CC 131 121 925

And the opposite effect is on the opposite side, natch. Well, big buses and trucks scrub their tires all the time.