CC Outtake: 1984 Toyota Pickup – Homemade Double Cab With Kwikset Door Knob And Stanley Hinges

We found ourselves in Chemult, OR. on Thursday morning (more on that later), and outside our little lodge sat this venerable Toyota 4×4 pickup sporting a rather unusual cap of sorts. Closer inspection showed it to be a homemade fiberglass double cab. Now on this side, there’s an outline or cutline of a rear door, but no obvious way to access it. The other side shows how it’s done:

There it is, a Kwikset fake brass door knob. When I first glanced at this picture, I didn’t see any hinges, and began to wonder if the knob was a fake. But with a little cropping, the details became quite visible.

Yes, there it is, a section of Stanley continuous piano hinge. Nice remodeling job! Closer inspection of the other side shows it too has the hinge, but no knob. A work in progress; I can relate to that.

Now this is not your typical mamby-pamby double-cab pickup that mommy uses to haul the brood to school in. A quick glance in the shortened bed confirms that: this guy has stones.