CC Outtake: 1987 Ford Taurus – Smile, It Could Be Worse

Crikey! Almost four years of Curbside Classics, and I’ve never done a proper write-up of the Taurus. Well, it’s not going to be tonight, since it’s already ten o’clock. For now, an Outtake will have to do. I shot this a couple of nights ago on our regular urban hike to Skinner Butte, where folks were climbing on the basalt columns in the last golden rays of a fabulous September day. But I can’t exactly keep my mouth totally shut about the Taurus.

So many old Taurii seem to end up like this; they just don’t seem to engender a lot of love and devotion. I really don’t know the exact year of this one, but since Gen. 1 was made from 1986 through 1991, I’m arbitrarily assigning it a model year. Actually, I think a 1987Β  was what my father had. It was the only car he ever bought based on my advice, and he loved it; such a step up from his stripper Zephyr four.

The Taurus really was a huge breakthrough car: It didn’t have any really overwhelming qualities that stood out, but it was the first truly competent, all-around-balanced American FWD car. A pleasure to drive (not too aggressively, though), and such an improvement over the GM A-Bodies in terms of overall refinement. No wonder it jumped to the top of the sales charts. Even in domestic-phobic California the Taurus was highly popular, the Camry of its time. It was another triumph in the 1980s Ford renaissance.

Well, that’s the condensed version of my future Taurus CC. Smile, it could be worse.